PROTESTORS gave a thumbs down to an access ramp meant for shoppers with limited mobility.

On Saturday, shoppers rode their mobility scooters and attempted to negotiate the "impossible" turns on the narrow ramp by Pizza Hut at Clwyd Retail park.

Last December, the Journal reported that residents with limited mobility were struggling to access Clwyd Retail Park, on the outskirts of Rhyl, after a path by B&Q was closed by managing agent Savills due to health and safety reasons.

Rhyl Journal:

Mobility Scooter users attempt to negotiate the impossible turns on the narrow access ramp. Picture: Phil Micheu

There is an existing path with disability access, but angry shoppers argue that this path is not suitable and "far too narrow" to accommodate mobility scooters or large pushchairs or prams.

Protesters ventured on to the retail park on Saturday in an attempt to get the access path, by B&Q, restored.

They were supported by cllr Jeanette Chamberlain Jones, cllr Ellie Chard and cllr Sarah Roberts.

Cllr Jones said: "There was a good turnout of disabled people who just want to get on with life safely and do their shopping independently.

"None of the mobility scooters could get round the bends but the general feeling from everyone was they wanted the closed pathway to be open which leads onto the pathway at B&Q and not into the roadway which the zig zag pathway does.

Rhyl Journal:

Taking their lives in their hands. Crossing the highly dangerous entrance into the Sainsbury's retail park on Rhuddlan Road. The only available access for wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Picture: Phil Micheu

"They have called on Savills to be reasonable and open the path at B&Q so they are able to safely access the retail park. They feel Savills are discriminating against people with disabilities.

"We took some of the mobility users to see how safe it was to use the main access car route and that was terrible. Only at the top of the road are dropped curbs, none on the garage side.

"When coming back across the road in the direction of Rhyl it was impossible for the users to see traffic turning into the retail park from Rhuddlan. It’s a blind spot with cars turning in at quiet high speed. We had to stop the traffic to get them across."

Rhyl Journal:

Mobility Scooter users attempt to negotiate the impossible turns on the narrow access ramp. Picture: Phil Micheu

In December, Savills said: "We can confirm the access path adjacent to B&Q has been closed for health and safety reasons as the ramp’s gradient failed to meet the required standard. An existing path with full disability access remains operational by Pizza Hut.

"We continue to work closely with the council to ensure customers can access the park both safely and easily.”