A JOINT funeral is being held for a devoted couple who died just six days apart.

John (known as Jack) Patrick McMahon and Dorothy McMahon, of Rhyl, were married for 67 years and celebrated 70 years together. Jack died on April 27 and Dorothy, on May 3.

The couple met in Rhyl in 1949 in Rhyl's popular Queen's Dance Hall.

Jack, 89, who was born in Boyle - a town in County Roscommon, Ireland - worked as a fishmonger in Wilkinsons.

His father joined the British army and in 1944, moved to Prestatyn where his dad was stationed at Prestatyn holiday camp [believed to be a barracks during the war].

Jack had six sisters - two of which are still alive, Imelda and Patricia.

Dorothy, 88, was born in Ramsbottom, Lancashire, and the family would often holiday in Rhyl.

Her family decided to move to the seaside town and purchased the newsagents on 10 Grange Road, Rhyl, where Dorothy worked.

When she married Jack, in 1952, Dorothy became a full-time mum and the shop was sold as her mother retired.

Jack and Dorothy had three children - John, 66, Mike, 63 and Angie, 59.

They also had eight-grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren and two more expected this year.

Son Mike said: "Dad liked to sing at get togethers. His main hobby was golf and he first joined Rhyl golf club Artisan section, which meant working class were not allowed in the club house, but had to make do with a cup of tea after golf in a nearby shed.

"This was one of the reasons he later joined Rhuddlan Golf Club. He became captain in 1992.

"He was a fanatical John Wayne fan and we grew up watching all the cowboy films on television.

"Mum took up golf at Rhuddlan when we were older. She was also a keen knitter and when at home, she was always knitting.

"She was a very strong willed and determined lady."

Mike added that his mum and dad were rarely apart.

"It was no real shock when she passed away shortly after dad," he said.

"They had been together such long time."

Jack and Dorothy will be buried together

The funeral service will be held at the Rhuddlan Roman Catholic Church on Tuesday, May 14 at 12pm. A committal at Rhuddlan Cemetery will follow.