PROTESTORS will take to Clwyd Retail park to campaign for restored wheelchair access.

Last December, the Journal reported that residents with limited mobility were struggling to access a Clwyd Retail Park, on the outskirts of Rhyl, after a path was closed due to health and safety reasons.

The access path, by B&Q, was said to have been “dug up overnight”.

Savills, managing agent of Clwyd Retail Park – home to other stores including Sainsbury’s, Pets at Home and Iceland – confirmed the path next to B&Q was closed as the ramp’s gradient failed to meet the required standard.

On Saturday, protesters along with cllr Jeanette Chamberlain Jones, cllr Ellie Chard and cllr Sarah Roberts will take to the park to urge Savills to restore the access path.

In a statement, the councillors said: "Saville's manage the Clwyd Business site as well as the Prestatyn site and we can not understand why they would close one wheelchair access and leave the remaining access unable to be used by both wheelchairs and mobility scooters due to the corners of the structure being to small to negotiate.

"Everyone should be able to enter the retail park and we feel this problem is both discriminatory and a health and safety issue. We ask Savills to reinstate the access by B&Q that was for many years a safe way for disabled visitors to access the retail park.

"As local South ward councillors we felt a demonstration was needed and call on all wheelchairs, mobility scooter users and the general public to show Savills everyone as a right to access the Clwyd Retail site safely. "

There is an existing path, with disability access, by Pizza Hut, but cllr Chamberlain-Jones said the path is “far too narrow” to accommodate mobility scooters or large pushchairs or prams.

The public protest will take place on Saturday, May 11 at 1pm. Other supporters are welcome to join in.

In December, Savills said: "We can confirm the access path adjacent to B&Q has been closed for health and safety reasons as the ramp’s gradient failed to meet the required standard.

"An existing path with full disability access remains operational by Pizza Hut.

"We continue to work closely with the council to ensure customers can access the park both safely and easily.”