THE HCC scholarship is now open for applications from ambitious individuals who are working in the red meat sector in Wales to gain a study trip of a lifetime.

Now in its 22nd year, the scholarship provides the unrivalled opportunity to travel overseas and gain comprehensive knowledge and understanding in their chosen field and broaden business horizons.

The scholarship is worth £3,000 and applications are welcomed from individuals of any age to study a specific topic within the red meat sector.

Past scholars have focused on themes such as greenhouse gas emissions and production efficiency, genetic improvement in sheep, butchery and charcuterie practices and sustainable intensification.

The scholarship has taken successful applicants to far-flung destinations, including America, Australia, Norway and New Zealand.

Anyone who is involved in the red meat sector in Wales is welcome to apply, be that as a farmer, butcher, researcher and anyone working within the industry in a different capacity in Wales.

Applicants will need to have a research topic in mind along with a country (or countries) where they intend to visit.

Study areas should refer to how individual and industry practices could be improved, resulting in a more innovative and efficient Welsh red meat industry.

Upon their return from travels, scholars are expected to share their findings with the industry throughout Wales by speaking at meetings and conferences and by submitting a final report, outlining their trip and what has been learned, which is in turn published on the HCC website.

Successful applicants also gain membership to the HCC Scholarship Association, a network of past scholars who are able to share advice and experiences and provide connections and opportunities.

James Ruggeri, HCC’s industry development executive, said: "This is a great opportunity for anyone involved in the red meat sector to broaden their horizons and gain a wider understanding of industry practices across the globe.

"With Brexit around the corner it is important, now more so than ever before, that those in our industry are armed with the knowledge they need to drive forward their own businesses and our industry as a whole.

"If you are considering innovating or diversifying your on-farm practices or if there’s an area of the industry you would like to learn about, then this is the ideal chance to explore possibilities, gain insights and information and strengthen understanding."

An application form and details about former scholars can be found on the HCC website -

For further information about the application process, contact James Ruggeri on 01970 625050.