A CONCRETE block which left a pensioner black and blue has been removed from outside the Cookhouse Pub & Carvery in Prestatyn.

Last month, the Journal reported how Robert Capper, 79, known as Bob, suffered severe facial injuries, including two black eyes, after tripping over a “six-inch-high” block of concrete, which is part of a small wall and sticks out at the end of a path outside the pub.

The retired police officer also sustained several small fractures to the nose, damage to sinuses on the left side, to his eye socket on the left side, swelling by his left ear which initially obstructed his jaw.

The ‘trip hazard’ has now been removed.

Rhyl Journal:

The 'trip hazard' has been removed. Picture: Geoff Abbott

Denbighshire County Council said the area was not land the local authority was responsible for while Nathan Wolfe, Cookhouse general manager, said they would seek to confirm ownership of the land outside of the CookHouse picketed fences, as the fences border the area of the pub’s lease agreement.

Mr Capper said: “Someone in the last two weeks has got rid of it and smoothed it down.

“I’m absolutely pleased with the result.”

Rhyl Journal:

The block of concrete before its removal. Picture: Geoff Abbott

Since the removal of the block, Mr Wolfe has not replied to a the Journal’s request for a further comment.

Mr Capper said: "Someone in the last two week has got rid of it and smoothed it down.

Rhyl Journal:

Robert Capper suffered some really serious injuries. Picture: Geoff Abbott

"When I got taken into hospital, they looked at me as though I had been drinking - I hadn't touched a drop. The fall happened so quickly. If it was a kiddie falling over, they would probably just bounce back, but when your older - there is a risk of broken bones. I can't remember how it happened. Hospital staff asked if I had become unconscious, I just went splat but I’ve got no memory. All I can see if the scuff on my shoe. It was frightening.

"I'm absolutely pleased with the result. It is a shame that no one has taken responsibility, I'm sure it is the Cookhouse - if you look at the boundaries, it has got to be them - but as least there has been a result and it will save someone else from injury."