THE jungle will come to life before the very eyes of cult movie fans in Rhyl next month.

The Little Theatre's pop up Sinema#Cinema will launch Wicked Cult Cinema screenings with the ridiculously over the top machismo of Arnold Schwarzenegger's in Predator on Wednesday, May 29 at 7.30pm.

The ultimate 80s action flick, expect every immortal line of John McTiernan's unbearably tense creature feature to be lovingly bellowed out by fellow audience members in their hammiest Arnie voices, making an evening in the jungle with the dreadlocked stalker and its unforgettable score a transcendent cinema experience.

A mainstay of many a dvd collection, the 1987 masterpiece truly needs to be seen on the big screen to appreciate it's incredible cinematography and the intense physicality that forged an oft imitated, never bettered celluloid triumph.

Tickets are £3, to book in advance email