A TRANSLATION blunder gave a big cheers to Welsh shoppers - after a supermarket accidentally promised free beer to customers.

The sign was meant to guide shoppers to "alcohol-free beer" at the Asda supermarket in its Cwmbran store in south Wales.

But blundering translators on the beer aisle wrote "alcohol am ddim" - meaning alcohol for free - instead of the correct Welsh of "di-alcohol" for alcohol-free beer.

Guto Aaron, who spotted the sign, said: “Get yourself to Asda, according to their dodgy Welsh translations they are giving away free alcohol!"

The sign was taken down after the blunder.

This is not the first time that Asda have slipped up with Welsh language signage.

In 2012 they placed a Scottish Gaelic rather than a Welsh sign at their Cardiff’s Coryton store.

The sign said ‘parcadh chiorramach a-mhain / disabled parking only’. The sign was quickly replaced with a Welsh version.

An Asda spokesman said: “We would like to thank our eagle eyed customers for spotting this mistake, we hold our hands up and will be changing the signs in our Cwmbran store straight away.

"Whilst there won’t be free alcohol in stores this Easter weekend, we still have some cracking deals for our customers.”