EAGLE eyed fans were amused to spot a wheelie bin branded Wakefield Council during a match in Rhyl.

A picture of the green bin, taken at a match at Rhyl Football Club, was posted on Twitter by spectator Joseph Gibbons.

The tweet, which was retweeted about 450 times and had more than 2,000 likes, said: "If anyone is missing a wheelie bin in Wakefield, I've found it here at Rhyl Football Club, Wales."

Users of Twitter were baffled how the bin had travelled 110 miles from its home town in Wakefield.

One user responded: "My wheelie bins travel a fair distance down the street on a windy day, but Rhyl?"

Another joked: "Hope it’s bin behaving."

James Curran, media officer at Rhyl FC, has now solved the mystery.

He said: "The club have a number of second hand bins at the ground.

"A local company purchases them from different local authorities around the country and then uses them for their private refuse business.

"The company donated a number of these bins to the football club."

Mr Curran said it was quite fitting that the bin from Wakefield was at Rhyl as the old name of the stadium in Rhyl is Belle Vue, the same as Wakefield Trinity - the town's Rugby League team.

Tom Stannard, Wakefield Council’s corporate director for Regeneration and Economic Growth, said: "We’re happy to see that even in Wales our wheelie bins are popular.

"Although our crews might struggle to make the journey to Wales every fortnight to empty the bin, we’re glad to see it’s been put to good use keeping the stands at Rhyl Football Club free from litter.”