A RETIRED police officer is calling for a block of concrete described as a ‘trip hazard’ to be removed.

Robert Capper, 79, known as Bob, suffered severe facial injuries, including two black eyes, after tripping over a “six-inch-high” block of concrete, which is part of a small wall and sticks out at the end of a path outside the Cookhouse Pub & Carvery in Prestatyn.

Other injuries Mr Capper sustained included several small fractures to the nose, damage to sinuses on the left side, to his eye socket on the left side, swelling by his left ear which initially obstructed his jaw.

The swelling has now subsided a little but Mr Capper is experiencing discomfort with his chest.

Rhyl Journal:

Mr Capper suffered nasty injuries. Picture: Geoff Abbott

Mr Capper, of Rhyl, was taken to hospital by his son after the incident, which happened about 2.45pm on Saturday, March 23.

“I was walking along the footpath at the end of the car park, at the back of the Cookhouse,” he said. “As I walked along the fence, I went to turn towards the station. As I did, I went flying and ended up on the floor.”

Members of the public rushed to Mr Capper’s aid.

“Blood was coming out of the left side of my nose, it was pouring out,” Mr Capper added. “Hospital staff asked if I had become unconscious. I just went splat but I’ve got no memory.

Rhyl Journal:

Mr Capper said the block doesn't not need to be there. Picture: Geoff Abbott

“Some of the swelling is going down but what is concerning me now is my chest. I was on so many painkillers, liquid paracetamol in hospital. My chest is hurting at the moment. I think I will have to get an x-ray again, it is very uncomfortable. The bruising was terrible, especially around my eyes, but it is starting to go down.”

Mr Capper is desperate to raise awareness about the concrete block and would like to see it removed.

“There is no reason for it to be there,” he said.

Rhyl Journal:

The retired police officer revisits the site where he experienced his nasty fall. Picture: Geoff Abbott

“It looks like the wall has just been filled in with that concrete. It is at least six inches high. I’m pretty fit, I would have seen it normally.

“It completely blocks off that path.

“When I was there that day, there was plenty of people in the garden area with children. Imagine if they had ran out and hadn’t seen it as there is no indication it is there. It could result in a really serious accident.”

A spokesperson for Denbighshire County Council said the area in question is not an adopted highway and is not land Denbighshire Council are responsible for.

Nathan Wolfe, Cookhouse general manager, said: “We will seek to confirm the exact ownership of the land outside of the CookHouse picketed fences, as these fences border the area of the pub’s lease agreement.

“We will make contact with the pub’s landlord and the local authorities ASAP and seek to clarify who’s responsibility this falls under. Needless to say we hope the gentleman makes a swift recovery from any injuries incurred.”