FANS of that world renowned North Rhine-Westphalia brand of humour will have their dreams come true in Rhyl next year.

Tickets are on sale now to catch Germany's premier stand-up comic Hennig Wehn and his latest show Get On.

Setting his sights on Rhyl to disprove the commonly held myth that they don't exist - an assertion Wehn doesn't find funny - Wehn is the master of mercifully skewering British stereotypes of Germans as humourless Nazis obsessed with efficiency.

He took office in October 2003 after watching an open mic night that left him convinced that he wouldn’t be all that much worse.

Wehn has been performing as the self-styled ‘German Comedy Ambassador’ ever since.

However, opinion on his stand-up remains as divided as Brexit Britain - which he will no doubt put in his crosshairs.

Whilst Henning sees himself as one of Britain’s foremost social commentators, everybody else describes him as ‘that German bloke'.

For anyone unfamiliar with his absolutely joyous and uniquely Teutonic take on British life, Wehn has made many unforgettable appearance son a host of shows including Live At The Apollo on BBC2, Have I Got News For You and Would I Lie To You on BBC1 and 8 Out Of Cats Does Countdown on Channel 4, as well radio appearances on BBC's Fighting Talk and The Unbelievable Truth.

Hi latest show promises a much needed call to arms, telling audiences to stop navel gazing and hand-wringing and instead get on your bike and put your face to the grindstone.

Expect the charismatic comedian to discuss what the British public really voted for in the EU Referendum as he dismantles cliches on both sides of the channel in a timely and hilarious study filled with political battle.

For anyone who wants to see the funny side of the limbo Britain is currently stuck in - or for anyone who enjoys top class comedy of any stripe - head to the Pavilion on Thursday, February 27 2020 at 8pm.

Tickets are £24.50, available from or by calling the box office on 01745 330000.