A CAMPAIGN has been launched for a woman with a chronic condition who has been left with nothing but the clothes on her back following a devastating house fire.

Bridget and Karl Cliff are two of the people have been left without a home following a blaze whichbegan on their neighbour's property before destroying the roofs and first floors of both semi-detached properties on Glan Y Gors, Prestatyn, on Sunday afternoon.

Following the fire, Georgina Wheatcroft - mother of Mrs Cliff’s grandson Duncan Wheatcroft - has launched a crowdfunding campaign to try and help replace possessions lost in the fire.

Mrs Wheatcroft said:"They are absolutely devastated, they have lost everything - all of their clothes and possessions are ruined they only have the clothes they were wearing.”

Since the fire, Mrs Cliff, who is 58 and lives with fibromyalgia and Mr Cliff, 54, have been forced to live with relatives.

“Bridget does not work due to having a very painful illness called fibromyalgia, she suffers with pain everyday and stress of all this happening will not help her.

“They are staying with family at the moment hopefully sorting out emergency accommodation for them, they are waiting on a phone call.”

An investigation launched by North Wales Fire and Rescue has revealed that the fire was caused by roof works on a neighbouring property.

A spokesperson for North Wales Fire and Rescue said: “We were called at 1.44pm on Sunday, March 10 to a fire on Glan Y Gors Prestatyn.

"An investigation has been carried out, which was completed on the morning of Monday 11, which found that work being undertaken on the roof of one of the properties lead to the fire.

“Both properties were affected, after the fire that in the roof space of one of the semi-detached properties spread to the other.

Two fire crews from Rhyl and one from from Prestatyn spent more than three hours bringing the fire under control, calling the stop at about 4.45pm.

An eyewitness, who wishes to remain anonymous, described the scene: “You could see the fire to start off in the roof of one of the before it came thundering down.

"To start off with, it was mostly just smoke, but when the fire crews came and were up the ladders trying to contain the fire, flames started shooting out and the firemen had to duck. It was quite spectacular really."

A spokesperson has confirmed that there is 100 percent fire damage to the roofs and attics of both properties, as well as 50 percent smoke and 25 percent fire damage to the first floor as well as significant water damage.

The eyewitness added: "What was really sad was you could see that whatever had been left in the lofts of both houses - things like papers - blowing out everywhere.”

As The Journal went to press, Mrs Wheatcroft’s campaign to raise £2,000 has raised £210.

“I’ve decided to turn to crowd funding because I don’t have the money to give them but Prestatyn is a great community and I know people will help with something like this

"If I can help ease the process of them getting their possessions replaced, even clothes, bedding or a new bed and curtains, then I will try anything to help.

"They are the grandparents of my son and he loves them dearly.”

To donate to the campaign for Mr and Mrs Cliff, visit gofundme.com/please-help-a-family-who-had-a-house-fire.