TWO controversial applications for planning in Abergele will come back before councillors for a decision next week.

The applications for a 73 house estate in the town and a 38,000 chicken farm near Abergele were to have been decided last month.

But councillors agreed to defer both decisions.

The housing development by Anwyl Homes would see the building of 73 homes on the Llanfair Road just to the south of Abergele.

These would be made up of 32 four-bed detached, 19 three-bed detached, 12 three-bed semi-detached, eight two-bed semi-detached, and three two-bed terraced houses, with seven of the homes being affordable.

Councillors in January were unable to come to a decision about the plans as they felt they did not have enough information about its impact on traffic in the town.

They noted the council had the independent Atkins report on area traffic and it was felt councillors would need to examine this before coming to a decision.

Planners have recommended that planning permission be granted.

Abergele Town Council had written to planners objecting to the scheme because of the strength of public feeling against the proposal.

A report to members of the committee said: “The concerns regarding the impact of the development upon the highway network, and the conclusions of the Atkins Report are noted. However the submitted transport assessment has applied the residential trip rates derived by Atkins and concludes that they are unlikely to result in a severe impact on prevailing local network operating conditions nor would they trigger the requirement of specific network capacity improvements. The Highways Authority raise no objection to the proposal, subject to highway improvements being carried out.”

The other application that was deferred was for a chicken farm made up of a poultry rearing unit including silos would be built at Y Fron, Twll Llwynog near Abergele.

The unit would consist of a rectangular building, measuring 91.44m by 21.34m, with a ridge height of 5.86m with space for 38,000 birds.

The birds would remain in the unit for 16 weeks at a time, with the whole building fully cleaned down internally before a new flock is introduced.

Officers have recommended that planners vote down the application for the farm.

The two community councils in the area have raised concerns about the plans.

Abergele Town Council has objected on the grounds of unsuitability of the road, proximity to other properties, smell, impact of traffic on foundations, town centre traffic, night-time traffic, manure, noise, bats and its proximity to the community hospital.

While Betws yn Rhos Community Council feared dust from the operation could affect nearby residences.

Both matters will be discussed by Conwy Council’s planning committee when it meets on Wednesday.