MIKE and Jules Peters have braved two snow storms to reinstate "the heart beat" of Dyserth.

The Alarm musicians travelled back early from a family skiing holiday in Aspen, Colorado to cut the ribbon sat the newly reopened Frankies coffee shop on the High Street.

After the former farm shop closed last year, Katie and Tony Doherty-Jones have reopened, refurbished and reimagined the business as an eatery and community hub.

Rhyl Journal:

Katie Doherty Jones, originally of Dyserth and now living near Prestatyn, said: "I've always had my eye on the business since visiting it as a customer.

"While we were in the process of getting everything ready, I was cleaning up with my rubber gloves on and Jules pulled up outside in her Mustang all glamorous, and she told me how thrilled she was that we were bringing it back and that she wanted to open it for us."

Frankie's hold a special significance for Jules, as it first opened in 2016 around the same time as she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Speaking to The Journal, Jules said: "Frankies became a real life line for me when I was diagnosed - it helped to stop me hiding away and get out and meet people.

"When it opened it quickly became the heart beat of the village, so Mike and I are delighted to officially re-open Frankies and reinstate that heart beat back into Dyserth."

However, the Peters family's presence at the ribbon cutting almost didn't happen, as a major snow storm hit the small skiing resort they were holidaying at with sons Evan and Dylan on Saturday.

Despite cutting their holiday short by a day, and driving more than four hours to Denver, Colorado to ensure they made their flight, they were caught in another snow storm on Sunday - seeing them stuck on the runway for more than three hours and missing their connecting flight before making it home in the early hours of Monday morning.

Rhyl Journal:

The business will now open seven days a week, with the new owners looking to extend opening hours to one evening a month for themed events as well as plans redo the rear of the business into a dog friendly outdoor area.

Mrs Doherty Jones added:

"When we had our soft open last Friday, it was absolutely buzzing from open to close. It's been really humbling, since people found out what we're doing we've had so many cards and flowers.