RESIDENTS from a care home put their best foot forward for a Strictly Come Dancing tea dance.

Dance teachers David and Loretta Littler and their team paid a visit to St David's Residential Home, on East Parade in Rhyl, for a tea dance to celebrate St David's Day.

Residents joined professionals on the dance floor while popular ballroom melodies played in the background.

Dancers reminisced about waltzes and foxtrots, enjoyed in their younger days.

Rhyl Journal:

Eric Forsyth and Joan Machel

Joan Machel, activities co-ordinator, has been "dreaming" of holding a tea dance after listening to stories shared by residents.

"They were often the occasions on which they met their future partners," she said.

"When I joined St David's and saw the beautiful wooden parquet floor in the dining room, dating from 1904, I knew I had to organise a dancing event to make the most of it."

On the day, resident Joan Baines said: "This has taken me back to the nights I used to get all dressed up and go to the Regent Ballroom with my friends, hoping to dance with a nice boy."

Rhyl Journal:

Lucy McKeown, aged 17, and Len Talbot

Residents Eric Forsyth and Len Talbot were both keen to get up and dance.

Len, who arrived at St David's Residential a week ago, said: " I've been a keen dancer for many years, I taught my wife how to dance and it's lovely to get back on the dancefloor teaching Lucy McKeown [who is at the home carrying out work experience].

"It brings back many memories."

Rhyl Journal:

Joan Machel and Joan Baines

Five couples danced during the afternoon while others watched and some even judged.

High marks were given; Chris Butler and Len Talbot awarded scores of an eight and nine.

Lucy, aged 17, a Prestatyn High School student, said: "I thought the afternoon was really lovely. Len taught me the Cha-cha-cha. It was good to learn the footwork.

"I have to do 30 hours of work experience. I love it here."

Rhyl Journal:

Ruth Waltho, home manager, said: "It was lovely to see so many of our residents enjoying dancing again. Everyone has been asking when we can do it again.

"Lucy is doing health and social care. She was a really good sport.

"Thanks to the help of everyone who's supported us, we will definitely be tripping the light fantastic again soon."