A DANCE school that runs classes in Rhyl and Abergele took part in a show to raise money for charity.

All Stars Dance joined forces with four other schools – NLDA, Proctor, Art in Motion and Deborah Lister – to raise funds for The Owen Mcveigh Foundation at The Brindley Theatre, Runcorn.

More than £2000 was raised. The evening featured song as well as dance.

Sarah Dhaliwal, who runs All Stars Dance, said: "As a dance school we enjoy including everyone into shows and exams and have a number of pupils with additional learning needs, so when we had chance to perform in a show raising money for a poorly children’s charity we immediately said yes.

"Cathy Conroy-Jones, the lady who organises these shows twice a year, is an examiner for the imperial society of teachers of dancing and has her own vocational teaching college called North Liverpool Dance Academy.

"Cathy also taught me, as Sarah Ogrady, at both the Northern Ballet School and Merseyside dance and drama centre so it was also important to me to give her some support in return as she is and was an extremely supportive teacher."

The Owen Mcveigh Foundation helps children with cancer and their families in the Merseyside area.