A SOCIAL group for people with brain injuries will commemorate its late deputy chair this week.

About 40 members of Headway Conwy and Denbighshire, will hold a bingo night and raffle in memory of former Rhyl Town councillor Brian Moylan, who died in 2017.

Rosemary Holland, group chair, said :"Brian lived his life helping other people who had a brain injuries and when he became ill he never gave up any of the group activities.

"Even when he was unable to attend our meeting he still wanted to know how everyone was doing and still wanted to be part of our group, so this is why we have a bingo and a raffle in his memory at the place he enjoyed going each week to the Ffordd Derwen."

The event will raise money for the group, as well as awareness for the difficulties face by people with brain injuries.

Mrs Holland has cared for her brother for 12 years following an accident at a cattle market that left him with 65 percent brain damage and caused him to die medically three times within a 24 hour period.

Mrs Holland added: "For those who have brain injury can struggle with varying degrees of difficulties, like slurred speech, anger issues. People who do not know about this think they are drunk, disorderly or plain rude.

"Raising awareness is very difficult. Leaflets have been designed but the general public do not want to bother with the. So therefore there is very little exposure."

To join Headway Conwy and Denbighshire for the raffle and bingo night, head to the Ffordd Derwen pub on Rhuddlan Road on Friday, March 1 at 8.30pm.