A NEW 61-bed ‘bespoke’ private hospital – primarily for women for mental health issues – has been earmarked for Rhyl.

Ty Melyn Independent Hospital is set to be created at 64 Brighton Road. It will have both restricted (locked) and open clinical areas and will provide a clinical inpatients pathways for initially 16 women between the ages of 18 and 64 years.

Users of the service will have a diagnosis of a mental disorder and may have associated personality and trauma-related issues.

Proposals to transform the former Denbighshire County Council offices, have been put forward to Denbighshire County Council by Nadarajah Pragash from Headlands Nursing Home in Llangollen. JPH Architects Ltd are the agents acting on behalf of Mr Pragash.

The venture is expected to create 150 jobs.

Dr Eamonn Jessup, treasurer of the North Wales Medical committee who is working as a Locum GP, said: “This is a mixed blessing.

“The good news is the work opportunity for local people. The creation of 150 jobs for new staff in Rhyl is great news, but set against and bearing in mind previous experience across North Wales we need to be cautious over what the other benefits are.

Rhyl Journal:

Existing Internal layout 1st floor (Design and Access Statement)

“The hospital is an independent private institution. NHS Wales does not tend to make use of facilities such as these resting outside the NHS, unlike England. It is therefore, most likely, most of these patients will be coming here from England.

“It is not going to help our situation with mental health care at all, as previous experience has shown.

“Developers are likely to have been attracted by relatively cheaper property build costs here and that is probably the reason they wish to build in Rhyl.

“As a doctor, I would expect this hospital will provide its own psychiatric and GP cover,” he added.

“Rhyl has a significant issue with its numbers of GPs and there cannot be any expectation that this unit could have its GP needs serviced from local GPS. Hopefully psychiatric care will also be provided from England as well as we are not flush with psychiatrists.

“Hopefully this unit will liaise with local health providers and give reassurances on these issues otherwise it would be another straw on a camels back that is already under pressure.”

Dr James Davies, who has been a GP for more than 10 years and is a former MP for the Vale of Clwyd, said: “The description for this planning application at first glance implies an attractive facility, especially given the opportunity to create jobs and rejuvenate an empty building. However, I fear the term ‘private hospital’ might be a little disingenuous.

“What is being proposed is essentially a residential and nursing facility for up to 61 people with potentially quite significant mental health problems, including a secure unit.

“Many residents would no doubt be from outside of the area. When councillors consider this application, I would suggest they need to consider the existing needs of Rhyl and its people. In particular, it is important that mental health services for local people improve but this development risks increasing pressure on these services.”

A Design and Access Statement, for the change of use and refurbishment of 64 Brighton Road, states: “High quality care and evidence-based treatment will be provided through a holistic approach to assist Service Users in taking increased control of their lives, and to achieve meaningful and enriching personal, social and vocational goals to progress towards a more independent lifestyle, with gradually less reliance and support from others.

“When at full occupancy Ty Melyn Independent Hospital will comprise of six distinct ward areas that provide a clinical pathway according to assessed level of need and personal progress.

“Each of the bedrooms will provide individuals with their own generous sleeping and bathroom facilities. The facility will have access to a safe outdoor area and landscaped gardens. Each room will be fitted with robust fixtures and fittings that are able to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for people and can also, when appropriate, be fitted with technology to minimise direct support.

“Ty Melyn Independent Hospital will be led by a senior management team comprising of managing director, operations director, hospital manager, head of therapies and support services manager,” the report added.

“This team will be supported by a full multidisciplinary clinical team including psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist, occupational therapist, nurses, social worker and other professions allied to medicine, as required, such as speech and language therapist, dietician, etc.

“There will also be Health Care Support Workers who will be offered in-service training to ensure that the highest quality of care is delivered on site.”