A GREATER Manchester market town's renaissance could serve as the model for the next steps for Rhyl's Queen's Market and Savoy buildings.

While the redevelopment of both sites is still in an "embryonic state", a presentation from Denbighshire County Council (DCC), Town Master Plan consultants Pleydell Smithyman and developers Ion has sketched out plans to recreate the success of Altrincham by potentially creating a "contemporary" market space.

Although DCC still in the process of finalising it's purchase of the building with £2.5million of funding from the Welsh Government, the meeting last week at Rhyl Town Council saw a hint of what's next for for the discussed following 12 months of consultation with residents.

Town and county councillor, as well as former mayor, Barry Mellor said: "There is not a definite plan as they are very much at the embryonic state, but they have looked at Altrincham a town that was suffering and look how the have turned the Old Market Hall around by redefining it into a mix of speciality eateries.

"This has worked so well that the person behind it is looking to do the same in Macclesfield."

While the project is currently listed for the "Future" by Ion - formerly known as Neptune and previously involved with Rhyl projects such as the Travelodge and the Marston's Pub - the developers have appointed architectural firm Shed KM to oversee the project, should it get the go ahead.

A spokesperson for Ion said: "Ion have recently appointed Shed KM as the main architects to transform Queens Market located West Parade in Rhyl.

"The site covers approximately 9000 square metres and offers an exciting opportunity to create a thriving market, combining retail, arts and crafts, food and beverage, residential living and a civic hub for the town.

"Our vision is to create a new and contemporary market complementing the ongoing regeneration of Rhyl Waterfront."

It is understood that at this stage, the developers are unable to say how much of the historic buildings will be salvaged in any future redevelopment.

This latest redevelopment project will bridge the work currently underway on the waterfront, including the new SC2 £15million water park and the £25million Marina Quay retail park, with the High Street and will involve rejuvenating the site which includes an indoor market and shopping centre.

Cllr Mellor added: "If all the regeneration work on the prom is to be successful, then the town centre has to change also and this building takes a large chunk of out town centre.

"Until we see the exact plans, we are in a 'wait and see' situation, but five years ago we would not have expected the regeneration along our promenade to come to fruition and look at it know."

DCC and Pleydell Smithyman have been approached for comment.