NORTH WALES’ interests will be at the heart of the Welsh Government, according to First Minister Mark Drakeford.

To demonstrate this he had arranged for a cabinet meeting to be held at Llandudno Junction, and was speaking immediately before it commenced on Thursday February 21.

This was only the second time the cabinet has met in North Wales, the previous occasion was in 2011.

Mr Drakeford stated on a personal level he was always visiting North Wales, but said the cabinet meeting was: “An opportunity to come up post Wylfa announcement.

“I was very keen to come and meet people in Anglesey and look at the future prospects of the island. I was very keen to have the cabinet come here and meet.

“I absolutely recognise that for lots of people in people in North Wales Cardiff seems a long, long way away, not just geographically, but people fear that things that matter to people here don’t always get thought about, debated and decided upon by people further away.

“I am determined that will not be the case in this administration, and coming here with my cabinet colleagues today is part of a practical demonstration that the things that matter to people here are always going to be at the heart of what the Government in Wales is interested in.”