HUNDREDS of plane spotters headed to Anglesey in their droves to see RAF Tornado jets final flypast.

Three Tornado GR4 planes soared above RAF Valley in Anglesey this afternoon.

Rhyl Journal:

Picture: Kerry Roberts

Photographer Kerry Roberts was at RAF Valley and captured the moment the planes flew over.

"It was brief, literally seconds," he said.

"The turn out was great. I met some people that had come from Rhyl. I would say about a thousand people turned out for this one chance to see the planes.

"People clapped and cheered when it flew over."

The three-ship formation crossed the RAF Valley MATZ (Military Air Traffic Zone) at 500 ft, South to North.

Rhyl Journal:

Hundreds of people turned out to see the final flypast. Picture: Kerry Roberts

To mark their retirement from service, RAF Tornado jets will spend three days crossing the UK. Tuesday was day one.

The aircraft performed a flypast RAF above the DECA base at Sealand earlier in the day, arriving from RAF Shawbury.

The RAF confirmed earlier this month that after almost 40 years serving the UK on military operations across the world, its Tornado jets are returning home for the last time.

First entering service in 1979, the fast jets have been used in operations across the world, most recently bombarding Daesh to push the terrorist group back through Syria and Iraq.