RESIDENTS at a Kinmel Bay care home were treated to a St Valentine’s Day visit by two owls.

The two birds came from the Owl Trust at Bodafon Farm Park, near Llandudno, and spent the afternoon at Bay Court Residential Home.

Karen Jones owner of Bay Court said: “It was a wonderful experience, the residents absolutely loved it.

"It all started because I thought it's St Valentine's Day and our residents deserve something special, but I also wanted to do something a little different. A lot of places will bring in dogs and cats for people to pet, but I thought why not bring in owls?

"I called the Trust, and they were more than happy to bring some owls, ones quite used to be being petted and they picked the best ones for the residents."

"One of our ladies Donna was still talking about what a lovely day it was, another, Florence, wouldn't stop talking about how soft the owls were. My deputy is even talking about buying his own owl.

"The look of pure joy on our residents' faces has made me feel really glad."

Pam Broughton, a trustee of the Owls Trust at Bodafon Farm Park, said: “We took two owls: Wallace a female British barn owl which has white plumage and Sooty which is a black barn owl from central Europe.

“We frequently take owls out visiting and on this visit seeing the interaction between the birds and the residents was really rewarding. When we left everyone was smiling.”

As it was St Valentine’s Day, the message owls took to the residents was: owl you need is love.