NON-fire callouts have outnumbered incidents involving fires by 15 times for Welsh firefighters in 2018.

In the latest figures from the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), fire crews in Wales rescued 2,483 people in from April 2017 to March 2018 - with only 156 rescues involving fires.

Firefighters rescued 2,327 people from non-fire incidents, with the combined rescue total across the country reaching more than 200 people a month - working out to an average of 47 rescues every week.

Grant Mayos, FBU Wales executive council member, said:“While firefighters continue to protect their communities from fires, these figures show that their role has vastly expanded. They serve a vital role responding to flooding, hazardous chemical spillages, road traffic collisions, lift rescues and other hazardous incidents.

“Firefighters are rescuing more people year on year, with non-fire incidents outnumbering fire rescues fifteen times over in Wales. The need for firefighters in all their roles is increasing and this data reveals the immense value of their lifesaving work.”