THE next in the line of succession of Rhyl royalty have ascended their thrones.

This year's Rhyl royal family have been selected at a Choosing by the Rhyl Carnival Association (RCA) ahead of the town's 128th carnival, with nine-year-old Summer Heywood taking on the role of May Queen for 2019.

Determined by the turnout at the Choosing, this year's family expands on last year's six strong group of Royals with 10 girls and boys receiving roles. Joining Summer is Empress Molly Roberts, Emperor Steven Roberts, Princess Esme Griffiths, Rosebud Grace-Leigh Lewis, Petal Dixie Rawlinson, Prince Kenley Davies, Cymru Rose Maria Murphy, Cymru Petal Olivia Mae Lewis and Miss Rhyl Chloe Lee.

The first event in the town’s carnival calendar – which started in 1891 and has been in planning since last September – will now be followed by a crowning ceremony at Rhyl Town Hall on Saturday, May 25.

A representative of the RCA said: "We had good turnout and selected 10 members of the royal family."

The future royal family will spend the next 12 months appearing at a variety of community events, as well as at the carnival, and will receive training from the RCA for other duties including fundraising and performing at carol services and visiting the elderly over Christmas.

The spokesperson said:"The children are all really excited for being crowned, and to visit carnivals across North Wales and begin attending fundraising events.

"For the next few months, they will all be very busy working on their floats for carnival."

“Things are looking up for Rhyl, and that’s why it’s so important to make sure that the carni