THE "absolute mayhem" of an Abergele school run has left a mother fearing for her disabled son's safety.

The combined impact of congestion from Ysgol Glan Gele, Sant Elfod and Emrys ap Iwan on one way road on Ffordd y Morfa often sees cars parked "bumper to bumper" up to 10 times a week.

For mum of three Samantha Walker - who lives in a property ran by Catrefi Conwy - deadlock on the road presents the constant threat of being blocked from taking her son Andrew, 21, to hospital in the event of an epileptic fit.

Samantha Walker said: "The illness my son has is unpredictable, access to drive in and out is vital.

"A seizure can come on any time, so we need the road clear at all times for emergencies."

An eyewitness on Friday, February 1 said: "It's absolute mayhem, I can count 30 cars bumped to bumper, parked in front of people's drives and even on the grass in people's gardens. Nobody has any idea where they're supposed to be doing."

Samantha has tried parking at the front directly outside her house on a grassy area, directly of the Catrefi Conwy property on a grassy area - however in a letter seen by The Journal, this prompted warnings from Catrefi Conwy taking Action against her for Anti-Social behaviour.

A spokesperson for Cartrefi Conwy said: “We have looked at the parking concerns of residents at Ffordd y Morfa and we are working with Conwy Borough Council, who are the Highway Authority, to relieve the congestion issues caused by parents picking up and dropping off children at school.

“Unfortunately we can’t allow parking on areas of green space because of the damage to the grass and the potential hazard to the public.”

As a result Samantha - like other residents - was forced to find parking away from the street, which saw her spend £990 of her own money on a private driveway to the rear of the property, backing onto the road, in 2017.

This is frequently blocked by parents dropping off children, sometimes for as much as three hours, and also presents an obstacle for her getting to work as a carer for the elderly. Her 19 year old son Conor also has ADHD and Autism spectrum disorder.

Samantha added:"I don't need to be waiting for people to move to unblock the entrance or to have to run to my mother's house for help."

"I've paid for a drive and fencing out of my own pocket after being harassed for parking on the grass - the stress of it all was making me ill and upsetting my whole family. My son doesn't need the stress, it is not good for his condition."

Louise Hull, who has lived on the street for 28 years, paid £4,000 for a driveway at her property.

She said: "I can park now, but I can't get out. There's so much empty green space which if they used, parking would be much less of an issue."

While signs warning "Strictly No Parking" were erected on Friday, February 1, Samantha's mother and nearby resident Christine Walker claims that they have been largely ignored and has experienced drivers becoming belligerent when asked to move.

As a result, calls have been made to Conwy County Borough Council to use any land under their ownership to create new parking areas for parents, or to introduce parking restrictions to the street.

A spokesperson for Conwy’s environment, roads and facilities service have confirmed:

"Abergele residents have contacted us about the problems they’re having with inconsiderate motorists obstructing access on Ffordd Y Morfa in Abergele.

"As a result we’re currently looking at proposals to introduce parking restrictions in the area, which will be subject to a formal consultation process in due course."

Christine and Samantha's cause has been taken up by Darren Millar, AM for Clwyd West, who has asked that more enforcement officers manage the flow of traffic on Ffordd y Morfa.

PCSO John Jones said: “PCSOs are at the schools daily and are monitoring the area for any police related parking offences, such as obstruction. Other parking offences are the responsibility of the council traffic wardens, who attend periodically.

"The current road layout of the Maes Canol estate was not designed for the amount of traffic that is currently using the road structure which is why members of the public are asked to park responsibly with consideration to residents.

"We are working alongside CCBC highways department and local Conwy Council traffic enforcement officers to try and come to a long term solution.”

Christine, who also works as a carer, said: " It's not just for my daughter and grandsons' sakes - what if there was a fire or somebody needed an ambulance? There's no way anyone could get down there.

"I work nights, and I've come home from work to find cars parked in my driveway - I live in a private property."

"No one is listening or doing anything. Where we're concerned, Catrefi Conwy and the council just seem to pass the blame. Has it got to come to a serious accident with a child or a pensioner before somebody does something?

"It'll be too late then."