A THREE day celebration of the "past, present and future" of Rhyl band The Alarm is set to rock Llandudno this weekend.

From it humble beginnings on the back of matchbox and its launch at Rhyl Town Hall, The Alarm's annual event The Gathering turns 27 this year, with a three day celebration at Venue Cymru from Friday, February 1.

First conceived as way to reach their fans after Mike was diagnosed with leukaemia, more than 90 percent of attendees are expected to come from outside Wales - with the furthest coming from Australia and the band's NYC Gathering in New York has already sold out months in advance.

Speaking to The Journal following two weeks of intensive rehearsals, Mike and Jules Peters discussed their excitement for the event following a packed year including a documentary, a new album Equals,76 show across Europe, the UK and the USA as well as, of course, an MBE.

Mike said: "We've always been a forward looking band, you can't afford to stand still and I think that's a big part of why we're still here having a Gathering in 2019.

"It's built into the name of our first single with the lyric "Declare yourself an unsafe building", and I think coming from Rhyl that idea of reinvention is in the DNA of the Alarm."

Jules agreed: "It's like we're a bunch of 18 year olds - the energy we have is like we're kids in a candy store. In my head it's like we're still planning the first Gathering.

"We're so tight right now as an outfit after playing so many show's last year, we've never really taken our foot off - and it shows in the sound"

Rhyl Journal:

Mike added:"We changed line-ups, languages,decades and survived Cool Britannia and Cool Cymru, but we're still here and at our core we are very much The Alarm."

Last year welcomed the release of their 16th studio Album Equals, which featured Jules on vocals and keys, and their music has been featured on Netflix shows like 13 Reasons Why and is due to be used in the upcoming third season of smash hit Stranger Things.

Mike said:"Right now it feels like we're we're in a great moment. Over the past two years our music has been reaching new audiences through being used on Netflix, millions of new people are coming in an making connections with the music.

"Staying alive musically and keeping tabs on what's going is essential, and I think this year alot of our older fans will be very proud by the new faces that will keep the music they love alive."

Rhyl Journal:

Jules added: "This year's show is really a celebration of the past, the present and the future of The Alarm with some really eclectic people."

Honouring the past, the line up will feature original guitarist Dave Sharp, while Mike and Jules' sons Dylan and Evan will take to the stage with their friend Carwyn.

Joining the Peters' and The Alarm clans is Ryan Hamilton and fellow Harlequin Ghost, Carol Hodge who will be playing an acoustic set following a petition by attendees at last year's event.

A stand-alone pre-show event The Ga-THUR-ing will take place on Thursday, January 31 at , while the final day will feature a Walkathon along the promenade, along with an acoustic set.

Rhyl Journal:

Following the event Mike and Jules are expected to reveal the lineup of this year's Snowdon Rock's fundraiser fro LoveHopeStrength, and Mike will head to Buckingham Palace to be presented with his MBE on February 21.

Jules said: "We love travelling, we love California and we love New York, but we both have such a passion fro North Wales and introducing our extended family to where we're from."

For more information on the three day event and pre show part, visit thealarm.com.