A FIRST of a kind group is offering support to widows and widowers beyond bereavement in Rhyl.

The BCGB Widows and Widowers social group meets every week at The Cob and Pen on the High Street, and currently has more than 30 active members and counting.

Started 18 months ago by Wendy Carey, 57 of Prestatyn, after the death of her husband Bernie in November 2016, the group aims provides social activities to help prevent social isolation.

Wendy, said: “I started the group as there was nothing in the area.

“There is a bereavement group that meets at Prestatyn library, but that’s it and there’s nothing past the initial stages of grief.

“What we’re offering is moving past the doom and gloom, it’s more of social group than a support group, our doors always open and ore member numbers are growing all the time.”

Originally meeting in Prestatyn, the group have relocated to Rhyl to provide a more central location, as well as changing its name just before Christmas in memory of Bernie and Kinmel Bay member Richard Bates’ wife Gail, who died in January 2017.

Richard, 51, said: “I received support from St Kentigern Hospice, but once you that’s gone it’s a big jump to having nothing.

“When you’re a widow, you often don’t know where to turn, but when I joined the group it was great. I was able to make friends and meet people who understood what I was going through.”

Wendy added: “ It’s particularly important for people with no families, which is what inspired Richard and I to carry on because we know how much it has helped us.”

In addition to meeting every Monday at 11am for Coffee i n Rhyl, the group also holds a monthly meal on the first Saturday of every month at various venues, and are currently planning their trip to RAF Cosford with Vicky’s Coaches.

For more information, contact Wendy on 07483837417 or Richard on 07510218104.