OUT of date foods and open cans of tuna and anchovy were found at an Italian restaurant which has been handed a zero food-hygiene rating.

Rossini’s, on Queen Street in Rhyl, which claims to have a chef who has worked in five star global hotels and restaurants, received an unannounced inspection from Denbighshire food safety officers on November 21. A second visit was conducted on November 22.

The restaurant was slapped with a food hygiene rating of zero, which means urgent improvement is necessary.

During the inspection, it was noted that a designated wash hand basin was not in use and was in a "filthy state".

Urgently improvement necessary at Rossin's. Picture: Geoff Abbott

A number of foods were also found past their used by dates including: Two Muller whipping cream dated November 20; some chocolate cake dated October 5; A complete lemon cheesecake dated November 13; 11 Tiramisu desserts dated November 17; one pack of sliced ham dated November 5; one florette crispy dated November 13; three homemade pate undated; two portions of meat in cling film - no traceability; one fiorilli salame pepperoni with best before of December 4 but on packaging stated 'consume two days from opening' and four Swedish meatballs with white residue in and around meatballs.

Also found was an open tin of anchovy and tuna undated; a chicken breast fillet dated November 12; a whole case 5kg chicken breast fillets dated November 20; An Australian grass fed rib eye/cube roll dated November 20; Tupperware with raw chicken dated November 12; 10 creme brulee dated November 17; one dark chocolate souffle dated September 3; a tartare sauce dated August 10 and one mouldy courgette.

Rhyl Journal:

The Food Inspection Report, obtained through a Freedom of Information request from the Journal, said: "The following foods were not labelled with the date of opening and/or preparation: - raw chicken strips/red meats, homemade pate, open packs of ready to eat products (ham/salame, anchovy and tuna). Foods must be labelled with the date of opening and/or preparation so that the shelf-life of the food can be established.

"You were storing cans of opened foods in the refrigerator i.e. tuna and anchovy. Opened cans are a source of chemical food poisoning once they have been opened as the air will react with the metals of the can.

"You were storing foods directly on the floor i.e. onions/carrots directly on the floor.

"Hand contact areas, such as fridge door handles were dirty."

It was also noted that the ceiling to the rear of the premises was dirty and cobwebs were evident.

Recommendations and improvement works had to be completed by Rossini's by January 7.

A spokesperson from Denbighshire County Council said they had received an application for a re-scoring.