A TIME tested Rhyl tradition is seeking its next generation of representatives.

Ahead of this year’s 128th carnival, the Choosing of the Rhyl Royal Family will select the town's May Queen - and fill other regal positions - on Saturday, February 2 at the Beach House Fun Club, on Russell Road at 3pm.

The Choosing of the Rhyl Royalty is the first event in the town’s carnival calendar – which started in 1891 and has been in planning since last September – and will be followed by a crowning ceremony at Rhyl Town Hall on Saturday, May 25.

A representative of the RCA said: “Things are looking up for Rhyl, and that’s why it’s so important to make sure that the carnival continues to be a part of the town’s bright future.

“We’re all very proud in Rhyl that we still have our carnival, while many town’s in the UK have lost theirs over the years. It’s a real honour for the children to carry on this tradition.”

The size of the Royal family is determined by the number of children who come forward, with last year seeing five girls and one boy receiving regal roles who will also take part in the Sunday, June 23 event as 'retiring royals'.

The future royal family will spend the next 12 months appearing at a variety of community events, as well as at the carnival, and will receive training from the RCA for other duties including fundraising and performing at carol services and visiting the elderly over Christmas.

The competition is open to children from LL18 postcode between the ages four and 12. Singing and dancing experience is welcome, but not necessary.

To apply contact Gill Parry on 01745 332952 or Karen Lloyd on 01745 604006.