MORE than 30 models will stand up for mental health and champion body positivity on a Rhyl catwalk next month.

The event, dubbed a ‘Comfy Casual Catwalk’, will be hosted by Rhyl photographer Ray Worsnop at Rhyl Town Hall on Sunday, February 17.

Featuring some of his ‘Ray’s Angels’ models who have appeared in his more personal ‘Beautiful Boudoir” series of photos – and also some men on the runway – the event will raise money for the Vale of Clwyd MIND mental health charity.

Mr Worsnop, who operates the gallery Oriel Rhyl Create at the White Rose Centre and also works as a wedding photographer said: “The show is an extension of what I’ve seen over the years working with boudoir photography, the reason most women come is because they aren’t happy with lives.

“I was once approached by a divorcee who told me she was always known as ‘so and so’s mum’ or ‘so and so’s wife’, and she wanted a photograph so she could ‘know who I really am’.

“It occurred to me this is even more important for women who have lived with anxiety and depression, or have experienced things like sexual abuse.”

The idea of taking his models to the catwalk was inspired by the success of one of his subjects, Sabina Rose Palmer, from Rhyl, who has been featured in a 28-page spread in a New York magazine supplement called International Face for her achievement in losing seven stone.

As part of the spread, Ms Palmer was asked if she had anything of note planned for 2019, leading her and Mr Worsnop to create a fashion show raising awareness for mental health issues.

Ms Palmer said: “I want people to come forward not hide from their mental health anymore, and to help others I see the light in the darkness to find the positive within the negative.”

“I’m so glad I came forward with my anxiety and mental health as soon as I did, as many of the female and male models taking part in the fashion show are mental health sufferers.”

Mr Worsnop, who’s dubbed the ‘Memory Maker’ by his models, added: “Many of the models have been brave enough to admit they have mental health issues, including Sabina’s mum Suzy Buck, who has been diagnosed with memory impairment, and this will be a chance for them to present themselves how they want to be seen.”

As well as the catwalk, Each model will have a poem composed for them by Stephen Moss, of Old Colwyn, written with five words they’ve chosen to define themselves, to be read as they walk down the runway.

One of models Michelle Anderson, 33 of Blaenau Ffestiniog said: “I’ve suffered with anxiety and depression for a long time, making me feel very alone.

“With the show, rather than the subject being taboo, this is getting it all out in the open so we can all talk about it. It’s helped me massively, I really feel like I’ve been given a voice through the opportunity to presented my experience visually.”

The event takes place on February 17 at noon.

Admission £5 for adults and £1 for children under-16.