RHYL has received a significant boost for plans to remodel parts of the town centre.

Denbighshire County Council (DCC) has received a £2.5million investment from the Welsh Government to purchase the sizeable Queen’s building complex, which sits between the High Street and Queen's Street.

This latest redevelopment project will bridge the work currently underway on the waterfront, including the new SC2 £15million water park and the £25million Marina Quay retail park, with the High Street and will involve rejuvenating the site which includes an indoor market and shopping centre.

Cllr Alan James, the town's former mayor of Rhyl West ward, said: “This funding from the Welsh Government reflects the optimism and the positive development we have been making in the town – we would never have received funding if we weren’t showing that we are confident in the future success of Rhyl.

“While developments like the SC2 are turning Rhyl into a real destination, a renovated Queen’s complex will bring it all together by connecting the High Street to the waterfront and hopefully drawing people back to the town centre.

“I think it’s absolutely key to development of Rhyl."

While the council agreed to purchase the neighbouring Savoy Hotel in April, approval for the Queen’s complex on the High Street was hinged on external funding, while the redevelopment may receive a further £2.5 million investment with an 'in principle' commitment from the Welsh Government.

Julie James, Minister for housing and local government, said: “The Queen’s Buildings make up a significant part of the town centre, and the site offers a fantastic opportunity to revitalise the town centre, creating new opportunities to attract businesses and investment to the town.

“I know that Denbighshire Council is keen to develop the site, to create space for new retail units, renovate the car parking space and to build an exciting new event space for the public. "

Cllr James added:“I recently had a look at the site, which is massive and certainly needs a makeover, and my head was absolutely buzzing with ideas.

“I’m not sure what the current state of it is, but if we could remodel parts of it would create the right ambience to attract more businesses to Rhyl.

“Perhaps even some start-up businesses could work on smaller plots, something like a more modern take on what you see in town’s like Bath. It’s all very exciting.”