A FUNDRAISER is being held to support a 10-month-old baby who has been diagnosed with Wilms' tumour.

Rhiannon Cross and Rob Wilson’s son Iwan has embarked on 27 weeks of aggressive chemotherapy.

Iwan, of Rhuddlan, was taken to Glan Clwyd Hospital at tea time on November 4. Within a couple of hours, the couple were warned by doctors that they strongly suspected Iwan had Wilms' - a type of kidney cancer.

The family were transferred the following evening to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

After tests, Iwan was formally diagnosed on November 7. His symptoms were subtle; the most obvious was a lump of the left hand side of Iwan’s abdomen, this was the tumour and felt like the size of Rhiannon’s palm.

He has since has five weeks pre-operative chemotherapy and an operation to remove his kidney and tumour.

Kind friends have rallied together to support the family.

Rob Wilson, Rhiannon Cross, Owain, aged four, and baby Iwan who is 10-months-old

Lucy Kerfoot, who has known Rhiannon - who teaches at Ysgol Y Castell - for 14 years, felt that some of the smaller, lesser known charities needed more recognition.

She is keen to highlight Pyjama Fairies, a charity that makes specially designed pyjamas and surgical gowns for babies and children up to age 16, and Theo s Warriors, who provide support to children and families through childhood cancer.

Lucy has organised an event - Wilson Winning Wilms - that will go towards supporting these charities and in turn, Iwan’s family. This will take place on February 1 at Faenol Fawr in Bodelwyddan.

Rhiannon, who has son Owain, aged four, said: “Iwan was eight months when he was diagnosed. He was taken on November 4 to Glan Clwyd Hospital and then to Alder Hey on November 5. I cannot express how grateful we are for the care given at both hospitals - they have been caring and considerate throughout.

“Iwan is a funny, easy going, placid baby. He’s curious and likes to be active. His personality has been affected by the chemotherapy - he’s much quieter when he’s not feeling great.

"He doesn’t fuss though, he just gets on.

“We had never heard of Wilms’ - we've had no experience of childhood cancer. It has changed our lives so much."

On top of everything, Iwan had Chicken Pox in December.

Fortunately, the family were able to spend Christmas at home together.

“It meant the world,” Rhiannon added.

“The four of us being together was so special. It was the first time we’d had a meal together in eight days.”

Rhiannon and Rob have benefitted from both of the small charities the fundraiser will raise money for.

“Pyjama Fairies provided us with a gown and special pyjamas for Iwan’s operation,” Rhiannon said.

“They are handmade and very beautiful.

“Theo’s warriors provided us with a special beanbag to help ease some of the symptoms of chemotherapy.”

The family have also been supported by CLIC Sargent, who provided a nurse to visit the home, and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Rob also raised £650 for Alder Hey through Facebook - he asked friends not to send Christmas cards and to donate the price of a pack of cards.

Rhiannon said: “We are looking to buy a more supportive pram for Iwan for use when he’s aching from the chemo.

“He is the sweetest, bravest boy and I am so proud of him. He is so courageous even at this age.

“We’re in awe of his strength on a daily basis.”

Lucy added: “The event is called Wilson Winning Wilms - Wilson is Iwan’s surname and Wilms is his condition.

“There will be a three course meal, a band and a DJ. I am holding a raffle with many fabulous prizes kindly donated from local businesses from Rhuddlan and I have a few games arranged for the night.

“Rhian was my teacher in primary school. As soon as I heard the news about poorly baby Iwan I wanted to do something to help. I spoke to Rhian and Rob and asked if I could do something to fundraise.

“Rhian put a picture on Facebook of some of the little pyjamas that the Pyjama Fairies made Iwan. The picture melted my heart. He also had a beanbag from Theo’s Warriors to help him get comfortable.

“I have always been involved in charity work from a young age and enjoy helping others. I hope this event can spread awareness about Wilms', raises lots of money for the charities and gives them the recognition they deserve.”

The event will take place at 7pm on February 1. Tickets include a three course meal and arrival drink. Price: £32.50. Telephone 07734360232.

Tickets are also available in The Little Cheesemonger, Rhuddlan.