THE success of an act festive goodwill has spurred a business owner to do even more for the homeless in 2019.

After hosting 10 rough sleepers from the Dewi Sant Centre in Rhyl for Christmas dinner, Jas Bagri, owner of the Wendover pub and restaurant in Towyn, has been inspired to turn the event into a holiday mainstay.

Jas said: "It was eye opening really, everyone was over the moon. It occurred to me that while it's all well and good doing something at Christmas, there are other holidays where people are sitting down with their families - and that's what this was all about.

"Easter is coming round the corner, and I think that is the perfect time to recognise the work that place like the Dewi Sant Centre do all year round."

The restaurant's Christmas dinner was the first time Jas and her husband Peter welcomed rough sleepers to their establishment, following previous years of supporting the charity with food donations.

As well as a meal, guests received gifts of thermal scarves, hats, gloves and fleeces, donated by Jas and other businesses in Towyn.

While they had prepared to cater for up to 30 people, the guest list was limited to 10 rough sleepers and staff due to safety requirements for the centre.

As a consequence, Jas is planning to modify with the format to reach even more people by visiting the centre directly and use its cooking facilities.

Jas added: "I think what I might do at Easter is head down to the centre with a chef and cook out of there, which would make it easier for the centre to get everyone together in Rhyl and join in."