A PERSON had to been rescued by Coastguards after becoming stuck in sinking mud on Talacre Beach.

The incident happened at around 1.30pm on New Year's Day, when the Flint and Rhyl Coastguard Rescue Teams were called to reports of persons stuck.

When they arrived at the scene, two children and a dog had managed to free themselves.

A spokesman for the Flint CRT said: "Two mud technicians, one from Flint and one from Rhyl Coastguard Rescue Team deployed on to the mud and managed to safely extract the person. The casualty was then assessed and handed over to a Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust Paramedic.

"No further treatment was required, the person was just suffering from cold and shock and was happy to make their own way home."

HM Coastguard provide general advice to people stuck in mud, which is to stay calm, try to spread your weight as much as possible, avoid moving and call 999 as soon as possible.

The guidance also advises you to discourage any well-meaning members of the public from attempting a rescue because without proper equipment they could become stuck too.