A PRESTATYN woman has been left feeling like a "prisoner" in her own home after an act of vandalism.

As reported in the Journal last week, Paul and Heather Reynolds were among 11 residents targeted in a spate of vandalism aimed at Christmas displays in the town and nearby Meliden on Thursday, December 13 and Friday 14.

Despite hope being temporarily restored after rescuing a modest display from wrecked decorations, the family have are afraid to leave their Bryneithin Avenue home after spotting what they believe to be more intruders on Tuesday 18.

Heather, owner of High Street salon The Beauty Spot, said: "Ever since they first destroyed everything, it's unnerved the whole family and is just upsetting to us all.

"On Tuesday Night, I heard a noise at about 11.30am and saw two people walking onto our driveway - I was practically face to face with them and they just smirked at me.

"I banged on the window, and they ran off, but we were up anytime we heard a noise then.

"Now when I'm going to work all I can think is "are they going to come back?" Paul and I used to go for walks every evening, now we can't go anywhere. They're making us prisoners in our own home."

Initially Paul and Heather were reluctant to make another attempt at putting on a display, a family tradition that has seen them spend thousands of pounds over 10 years.

However, after a weekend's worth of work repairing severed cables, and replacing six sets of unsalvageable and stolen lights using old parts, the family managed to set their display live again.

A post on social media showing the second display received an overwhelmingly response from Facebook users of Prestatyn Connect, receiving more than 270 positive reactions.

Paul, a plasterer, said: "We've had lots of support, with people telling us that we've done a fantastic job and not to let a few people ruin it for everyone.

"The annoying question I have to ask now is, do I leave them up and risk inviting some to steal or destroy more, or do I just bite the bullet and take them down? I don't want my wife worrying all the time

I've lived here since 2004 and never had this kind of trouble before."

Heather added: "We live across the road from an old people's home, and as much as for ourselves we do it for them and all of the kids in the area. All we're trying to do is make something joyful for everyone to enjoy but we can't carry on living like this.

"Regardless of what we decided to do, we're definitely getting more security and somebody from the community is offering to help us set up CCTV, so hopefully we can catch the people who are doing this."