A PENSIONER who was rescued by a good samaritan has been reunited with her "white knight of the road".

Following a story in The Journal, GMC Concrete employee David Evans has come forward to meet retiree Ann Williams, 77 of Prestatyn where he was gifted a bottle of whisky in gratitude.

Mr Evans was the mystery man who came to the aid of Mrs Williams when she was stranded on Rhyl Coast Road for more than an hour, after damaging the front offside wheel and unable to find her spare wheel and insurer's details.

Mr Evans, of Rhyl, said: "I was surprised to see it in The Journal. When I'm out on a job, I don't get good signal so i didn't know about it being in the paper until a neighbour sent me the link.

"When i worked for another company, one of the lads did something similar so I've always made a point keeping my eyes open to see if anyone is in distress.

"I was a little bit embarrassed to be honest, but I thought I'd better come forward so she could say thank you. I was just relieved to know that she was ok."

After happening upon Mrs Williams – who has raised about £17,000 in four years with fellow volunteers for UK charity Motor Neurone Disease following the death of her husband Derek Vaughan Williams in 2014 – Mr Evans located the spare wheel and changed it for her, before leaving without giving her his name on Tuesaday, November 13.

Mrs Williams said: "He was a very nice gentleman, but to be honest because it was so dark at the time if he hadn't shown up in his white van and in his uniform, I wouldn't have recognised him.

"When trying to contact him, I told his daughter Samantha that i thought she must be very proud of her father, to which she responded "That's just what he's like".

"I'm glad that I decided to advertise his good deed so close to Christmas. With all the bad news in the world I want people to know that there are some stories with happy endings and genuine people out there who are willing to step in and help.

"I hope this will remind people not to globalise bad deeds and remember that not everyone out there is bad."