A COURIER is warning shoppers of the potential for “absolute chaos” at Clwyd Retail Park this Christmas.

Andy Dowsett, a self-employed delivery driver, has voiced concerns after becoming caught in a recently erected exit barrier at the Iceland in Rhuddlan shopping area.

While there is an alternative route into the Iceland site, Mr Dowsett was caught unawares by the barrier at his usual route, newly reinstalled last week, which only allows vehicles below 1.9 metres to leave the carpark.

Mr Dowsett, of Holywell, said: “I’ve been delivering through that entrance since Iceland opened up and have never had any problem.

“I only have a normal sized van, the size of any regular family four wheel drive, and I think this is going to cause absolute chaos for innocent families doing their Christmas shopping in slightly larger vehicles, or with roof racks, who will caught unawares.

“You could say it’s half my fault, but there’s no sign on the way in letting you know of height restrictions at the exit.

“I don't think you'll find another supermarket barrier in the whole country this low, the lowest is almost always 2.1 metres. In all my time of being a courier I’ve never seen anything like it, this barrier has completely thrown me out.”

Passing through the exit barrier ripped an aerial unit from Mr Dowsett’s Renault Trafic – which is just over 1.9 metres in height – and coated the roof of his van with yellow paint.

The barrier, which had previously been installed prior to the new Iceland store’s opening in July, was returned to the site as a measure to deter unauthorised vehicles.

In August a convoy of more than 10 travellers’ vans occupied the car park.

A spokesperson for managing agent Savill’s said: “As the managing agent at Clwyd Retail Park in Rhyl, Savills can confirm that height restriction barriers have been in place at the small rear car park for a number of years to prevent unauthorised access by larger vehicles.

“These were temporarily removed during construction of the Iceland store and have since been reinstalled at the same height, with the restriction clearly sign posted.

“Shoppers with larger cars can use the main front car park where there are no height restrictions.”

Mr Dowsett responded: “I understand that they might want to protect the car park, but a camper van is going to be much bigger than what I drive.

“It’s not just going to keep out people travellers but mini buses taking people shopping, a van with a lift for wheelchairs users or even just an old fashioned Land Rover – What must they be thinking?

“It’s Christmas and the last thing families shopping at Iceland with trolleys full of food are going to want to do is cart everything all the way to the B & Q carpark."