PRESTATYN finger nail artist Kate Taylor has won national acclaim for her creative interpretation of a photographic competition challenge.

Kate, who owns Fancy Fingers nail salon in Victoria Road, had entered the photographic category of a nail competition. She did not win the category, but it drew her to the attention of the trade magazine Scratch.

Her imaginative work so appealed to the magazine she was interviewed for a two page spread and was featured on its front cover.

Kate said: “I was thrilled at being approached by the magazine and it turned out to be a much better prize than the competition offered. I’m not really sure I can put into words what getting a cover on Scratch means to me.”

The theme for the photographic category was: woodland nymph, and Kate took this as her inspiration for decorating the nails of a model.

She added: “The idea for my design came partly from internet research and during a mountain walk with my partner and our two dogs near Abergele, where we live. When I spotted fungi growing on trees that’s when my light bulb moment occurred.

“I decided I would create an image of fungi to place on the model as if though it was growing on her face and nails.”