A TOWYN martial arts master has penned a first of a kind book giving children all over the world “the gift of confidence for Christmas”.

Simon Morrell, founder of Fight Fortress Combat Academy, has released Kia!!! The Karate Handbook for Kicking Kids! With the aim of given children aged between six and 13 an introduction to self-defence.

The book is the Krav Maga and Karate teacher’s first instructional, and offers 25 free instant download instructional videos demonstrating various movements.

Mr Morrell, originally of Prestatyn and now living in Old Colwyn, said: “I’ve researched and researched, and worldwide there is zilch out there offering children this kind of instruction, tailored for them and especially with the digital instruction.

“My hope is that any parent who picks this up for a stocking filler is giving their child the gift of confidence for Christmas, which is even more important these days with the pressures of social media.

“It doesn’t just stop there, children will learn that they have to put the work in themselves if they want to achieve results, which is why we included the videos so children whose parents can’t afford classes, or who are too shy, can study practical karate themselves.”

No stranger to hard work, this is the author’s sixth book published by wife Julie’s Blue Porch Publishing company including two autobiographies discussing his own journey as a child learning martial arts.

Kia!!! - which translates as warrior’s shout – diverges from his past-experience and other martial arts handbooks for adults, limiting the amount of text to half page segments and featuring lots of pictures.

He also trains martial artists - including daughter Luka Jake 24 and sons Cy, 22, and Billy, 14 - for seven hours a day from Monday to Friday.

Mr Morrell added: “While it is different, the key is to create what you want to see yourself, so I wrote the book I wished I had as a child, with a much lighter a feel.

“It took about five months to turn the drafts into something Julie could edit and format, so there was a lot of burning the midnight oil to get it finished, but I hope that can be an example to children too.

“While it’s only just come out, I’ve not had a chance to get much feedback. However, the person that bought one of the first copies, an instructor with 150 pupils in Cheltenham, thinks its great. Hopefully this means the benefits of karate will become more mainstream and available.”

Mr Morrell expects to release his seventh book, My Fear, Your Fear next spring, and intends to write a follow up instructional for young adults.

Kia!!! Is available now on all e-book formats and in paperback from all major book retailers.