A PRESTATYN man is seeking to create a support group for people adjusting to life after prescription medication.

Shane Cooke, 38, was inspired to create the group after attending a Hearing Voices meeting in Wrexham, which supported his own transition off a course of treatment, and finding there was no equivalent closer to home.

Mr Cooke has in the past been prescribed a variety of courses of medication

Mr Cooke said: “There’s hardly any support or information in the area, it seems to be pretty much absent everywhere in Denbighshire.

“Sometimes the move off medication can be worse than the original condition and it can be a long road to recovery, you can gain weight and lose your motivation to do anything for anything up to a few weeks to a few months.

“I don’t think I had pictured how long this journey would take or how difficult it would prove to be, that feeling of being part of the human race again is well worth waiting for"

The motto of his newly-formed peer-support group is “Better Times Will Return”, and he has written a booklet about his experiences for others to share.

Mr Cooke added.“You have to be very careful, as each person is different, so we don’t offer any medical advice - just support.

"However, people can share what worked for them

“The group will also support families, because it can also be very difficult when you need extra care and it can be very difficult to see a loved one go through this.

“I’m just trying to let people let people know that there is something there if they need help coping with the withdrawals and side effects.”

The group, which meets every two weeks at Nant Hall Road church with the next session taking place on Tuesday, November 27 from 6.30pm.