A GUIDE dog saved her owner from harm when a driver sped through a red light.

Summer, a two-year-old golden retriever, stopped owner Iain Runcie in his tracks as the car whizzed around the corner and sped through a red light at a pedestrian crossing in Chapel Street.

Mr Runcie, aged 60, had popped into town to buy cakes and was waiting to cross the road.

The former golf professional for 44 years said: "Three different roads go into that crossing, and cars often go through when they should stop.

"The green man came on for me to cross, so I started to step out, but a car whizzed around the corner and Summer stopped dead.

"I would have carried on walking if it wasn’t for Summer. She knew there was danger, and managed to convey to me that I had to stop.

"If I had been relying on a long cane I would have walked out. The car would certainly have had my cane and possibly me, too."

Mr Runcie, who is married and has children Adam and Stuart, was diagnosed with the sight condition Retinitis Pigmentosa at 25.

Mr Runcie was paired with Summer in 2017 after his sight deteriorated sharply.

He was trained by Guide Dogs Cymru in Colwyn Bay and the pair qualified last November.

Mr Runcie added: "I needed to learn to walk with a cane first, then Summer came along.

"As a golfer, I walk quickly and we fit together perfectly.

"She is a lively dog and very switched on. I never thought I would fall in love with a dog, but I would trust her with my life.”

Mr Runcie stepped down as head professional at Abergele Golf Club in April after 30 years; his son Stuart has taken on the reins.

Career highlights include teaching Wales international Becky Brewerton from the age of 12 and watching his own sons become golf professionals and play for Wales.

"I actually coached a blind person when I was 19 or 20 and fully sighted,” said Mr Runcie.

"We had 12 lessons and we found a way for him to take part. He still plays, and travels all over the country."