THE organisers of a Halloween event have spoken out after it had to be halted when actors were “pelted with eggs, apples and fists”.

The Undead – Facility 23 event, was hosted at the Rhyl Botanical Gardens (RBG) on Grange Road in its first event staged by an outside company.

But the event was shut down hours after opening by Dyserth special effects company The Garden Den, who maintain they did their part to ensure a safe event.

This is despite it being believed that the trouble was caused by people who gained unauthorised access.

Phil Johnson, owner of the The Garden Den, said: “We’d asked for the gardens to be locked down while we set up, and to only have one entrance open once re-opened, so we could control who came in.

“Unfortunately this didn’t happen and a lot of planned events didn’t come off.

“We were told that we wouldn’t need security, when we knew that we would and obviously from the issue with actors being abused by some of the public, the security was needed.

“We’re not amateurs, we’re professionals. We go into detail, we do risk assessments.

“Once it kicked off and a load of yobs – without wristbands – started pelting people with eggs, apples and fists and an actor was being taunted and being harassed, I had to shut it down.

“However, all the feedback I’ve received for our part has been overwhelmingly positive and we have already been booked for another venue on Halloween next year.”

A statement released by the RBG on social media after the event on Wednesday, October 31 read: “When the organisers informed us that the event had to stop due to anti social behaviour we immediately stopped charging at the gate, spoke to individual members of the public and refunded any money at that time. We had been refunding people early in the event again to anyone who requested it.

“Many people said they had enjoyed themselves and requested we do something next year.

“If we do repeat the event next year, its management and organisation obviously needs to be in-house.

“Again our sincere apologies, we are here to serve the community and as volunteers have managed to do this successfully since 2003.”