A NEW initiative aiming to combat ‘period poverty’ in Rhyl is aiming to keep young women in school.

The Red Box Project Rhyl is appealing for Denbighshire schools to join Rhyl High in stocking their free female sanitary products, wipes, bags and dark underwear to help deprived young women in education.

The project was launched last month by Sarah Baker - a children and young person’s counsellor for Childline UK – from her home, with the aim of offering onsite assistance and prevent pupils having to leave, or be without, menstrual products because of financial difficulty.

Mum-of-two Mrs Baker said: “I think with the nature of it being about women’s issues, and a very private and sometimes embarrassing issue, a lot of people aren’t aware as to how widespread period poverty is – particularly in Rhyl where there are some quite deprived areas.

“Not only do I work with young people, but I also have two daughters, so I’m passionate stopping any girl from having to miss school because it’s their time of the month.”

The project has two donation points at the Farmhouse Kitchen and Castle Bay Nursery in Rhuddlan, which Mrs Baker hopes to expand upon by engaging businesses throughout Denbighshire.

Donations are then packaged into a ‘red box’ which is kept with a trusted teacher in the school that pupils can access privately during school hours.

Rhyl joins more than 210 Red Box projects across the UK, including the only other North Wales Branch in Holyhead, as well as those in New Zealand and the United States.

Mrs Baker, originally of Conwy, added:

“It’s been really well received at my main port of call Rhyl High so far, they now have their own red box and a constant supply of products for the girls.

“The key thing I want other schools to know is they will not have to do anything, all they’d need is one of the red boxes and I'd supply all the posters and products – I’m also happy to go in and offer talks.”

For more information, visit The Red Box Project Rhyl’s Facebook page or email sarah_tooth@yahoo.co.uk.