A MUSICAL match made in heaven will soar sonorously from Rhyl Town Hall next week.

Rhyl Music Club will welcome flautist Dr Rhiannon Mathias and harpist Elinor Bennett to the town on Wednesday, November 14 in the latest instalment of the International Concert Series 2018-19.

At its best, the combination of flute and harp is a truly sublime ensemble, and with two of Wales' most highly regarded teachers working in harmony the true potential of this pairing will be elevated to even loftier heights.

The flute half of the pairing will be handled by Dr Mathias, an academic musician of distinction who in addition to being a highly accomplished flute player, has been a tutor since 2005 at Canolfan Gerdd William Mathias (CGWM) in Caernarfon and is a music fellow at Bangor University

She is an experienced lecturer, broadcaster and public speaker, and is an acknowledged expert on the music of Grace Williams, Elizabeth Maconchy and Elisabeth Lutyens.

Joining Dr Mathias is Bennett, one of Wales’ most distinguished musicians who has been at the forefront of music performance and education for many years and she is regarded as one of Britain’s most influential harp teachers. She was instrumental in setting up the CGWM and is returnign after making an indelible mark of Rhyl Music lovers in concert with 3 Harps in 2016 .

To catch one of music's must natural duo ensembles, head to Rhyl Town Hall on Wednesday, November 14 at 7.30. Tickets are £12.

To book tickets, visit rhylmusic.com or telephone 01745 561006.