The ‘History Guy’ has set the date for Rhyl to share stories that celebrate unity in the British Isles.

One of Britain best loved historians, BBC stalwart Dan Snow will take to the stage next January for ‘An Evening with the ‘History Guy’.

While armchair history buffs may be more accustomed to having Snow coming to them with his numerous documentaries and a regular slot on The One Show as well podcasts Dan Snow’s History Hit and On This Day in History, fans now have the unmissable opportunity to share their stories with him.

Speaking to The Journal, Snow said: “It’s a great honour to be able to come out and meet people - I can never quite believe that people actually show up!

“I learn so much from speaking to different people, every area is completely different and they always know so much more about their own history.”

The show will give the audience a look behind the veil of the life of the globetrotting historian through exhilarating anecdotes and experiences from his successful TV career, as well historical facts and stories relating to Rhyl and beyond.

Snow added: “I’ve been very lucky with the extraordinary people I’ve been able to meet across my career, from survivors of genocide and veterans of the First World War to Popstars, and I want to share that.”

However, while his 16 year career in front of the camera has seen Snow travel from the frozen wastes of Greenland to the Falklands, the great-great Grandson of Welsh speaking Prime Minister David Lloyd George holds a special place in his heart for North Wales.

Snow revealed: “It is something of a homecoming for me. When I was a child we used to travel up as a family to visit my Great Nain in Criccieth, every time I travel up the A55 I feel incredibly fortunate to able to travel back to North West Wales.

“Not only that, but so much of my career has been spent in an around the area and I’ve been lucky to explore everything from the troops stationed there during the First World War to its Edwardian history.

“North Wales is the fulcrum in which the whole United Kingdom spins around. You can almost see Ireland, you can almost see the Isle of Man – it is situated right in the middle of everything.

“It has always had incredible strategic importance – that's why king Edward the first built so many of his strongholds on the coast.”

While the Oxford graduate’s - son of former Newsnight host and ITN correspondent Peter Snow and cousin to Channel 4 News host Jon Snow – career has taken him far beyond Rhyl, he hopes that the celebration of our shared history can reunite audiences as the country nears its contentious exit from the European Union on March 29 2019.

Snow said: “I think Brexit is very much the product of history – I don’t think it’s accidental that it coincides with the anniversary of Bannockburn.

“You can’t blame Britons for wanting to return to a desirable past where Britain was at the height of its influence, and while I don’t think people in Rhyl would want to go back to a drafty cottage in 1800s, it’s an attractive idea.

“It’s also important to remember that nothing is ever settled, but I think it is a great catastrophe to imply that we are anything other than very lucky to be born today. I’m very disappointed that more historians haven’t stood up to make that point very clear.

“The United Kingdom is like a marriage, and while there are certain things you have to give up to work together it ultimately has made us stronger.

“The country is littered with battlefields, castles and graveyards that are the result of when these relationships break down.

“Of course wherever I visit people want to hear about different things – in Sussex people want to hear about Saxon history, further North they might want to hear about the Vikings and in North Wales about Edward the First – but ultimately there is still a great unity that I hope to celebrate.”

To join Snow on his whistle stop tour of the UK and experience a live extension of his thoughtful study of our shared history – while maybe sharing some of your own – head to the Pavilion on Tuesday, January 29 at 7.30pm.

Tickets are £26, available from or by calling the box office on 01745 330000.