CHILDREN and staff from five Rhyl and Rhuddlan schools visited the Spanish Region of Murcia.

The pupils worked with others from Spanish and Romanian schools on developing Digital Competency.

Schools involved included Ysgol Llywelyn, Christchurch, Bryn Hedydd, Y Castell and Emmanuel. All have been working together on the European Union funding Erasmus+ project.

Geraint Rowe, link teacher for Ysgol Llywelyn, said: "The three year project has enthused the children of our schools on many levels, they have focused on developing their digital skills, awareness and appreciation of other cultures and communicating and working with others across Europe."

Katie Mason, teacher at Ysgol Emmanuel, said: "The children that have travelled, thanks to European funding, have been wonderful ambassadors for Rhyl, Rhuddlan and Wales."

Kai Griffiths, a pupil at Ysgol Y Castell, said: "This experience has been really enjoyable. I've made new friends from Rhyl but also from Spain and Romania.

"It's been a great pleasure to have visited Spanish schools working with other children."

Joseph Steel, pupil at Ysgol Bryn Hedydd, added: "The experience of visiting Spain has been very enjoyable. I liked visiting Cartagena and learning about a historic city. The cathedral in Murcia was very impressive too."

Freya Jones, pupil at Ysgol Christchurch, said: "This was my first time abroad and I've enjoyed all the opportunities that I've had, it's been great to see and learn about the world beyond Rhyl."

In November 2019, schools in Rhyl and Rhuddlan schools will host a visit to continue the project.

Teachers and children will attend from Spain and Romania.