HUNDREDS of people across Prestatyn have woken up to find no running water in their homes today.

The no water - or low pressure - is due to a burst pipe in the area.

Postcodes LL19 9 and LL18 9 have been affected

Welsh Water said: "If you live in the Prestatyn area, you may have no water or low pressure at the moment.

This is due to a burst pipe in the area. Our team are working hard to get this repaired and your water will return to normal by later this morning."

A resident, of Plastirion Avenue, said: "We woke up to find there was no water coming out of the taps, which meant breakfast and trying to wash was a bit of a challenge, to say the least.

"When I got down to Meliden Road, it was quite badly flooded by the Aldi roundabout and there were Welsh Water vans and workers in hi-vis jackets at the scene.

"There was also a second flooded stretch of road by the bridge at Fforddisa with a member of the Welsh Water team inserting a device down one of the grids."

Cllr Anton Sampson, mayor of Prestatyn, said: "I was affected. It makes your realise how we take such things fro granted.

"Hopefully Welsh water will have rectified the situation. It's probably not a bad idea to have the odd large bottle of water in the cupboard, especially as winter approaches."

A spokesperson Welsh Water said: “We are working to repair a burst on a water main on Meliden Road in Prestatyn this morning.

“We have a team on site working to fix the water main which has impacted on the supply of drinking water for some customers in the area.

“Until the repair is complete, some customers in the area may experience discoloured or aerated water or low pressure. We would like to assure customers we are working as quickly as possible to resolve this.

“We have sent a text message to local customers we believe may be affected and we will keep customers informed.

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused.”