PATIENTS on a children's ward on were left beaming after receiving a huge donation of Lego.

Christmas came early on the Children's ward at Glan Clywd Hospital following a visit from charity Fairy Bricks.

Robert Clarkson, from Fairy Bricks, attended alongside Floss Barrett, Rhyl Building Bricks organiser and Daniel Jones, who displayed his wind turbine farm at a Rhyl Building Bricks event in August

Floss, 56, said: "We took two large boxes of Lego to the value of £1,600 to the children's ward on trolleys as they were so heavy.

"A few of the nurses helped us to open the boxes. I will never forget the look of surprise and excitement on the children's faces and the heartfelt gratitude for the donation.

"A poorly child came past on a trolley and I so wanted to give him a box of Lego to cheer him up. I refrained, leaving it to the nurses to do later when he was no doubt feeling more like playing.

"I can't thank Fairy Bricks enough for such a wonderful donation."

Cara Roberts, ward manager, said: "It was lovely to receive the Lego for the Children’s Ward from Fairy Bricks.

"We really appreciate such a generous donation, Lego is always so popular and it has already been put to good use in the playroom as the children love it."