A COUNTY councillor is seeking action amid growing concern about safety issues in a busy village centre.

Last week saw the latest incident on the A547 Rhuddlan - Prestatyn road at Meliden when a car smashed into traffic lights and overturned. It is understood that the driver was not seriously injured and no other vehicle was involved.

It follows a number of accidents over the past couple of years, some of them involving pedestrians crossing the busy road close to the One Stop shop.

It is feared that the situation will get worse if planning permission is granted for a 133-house development at Mindale Farm, behind the large council estate.

Cllr Peter Evans, who lives in the village, is set to meet highway officers from Denbighshire this week to discuss possible options.

The local authority say they are in the process of conducting a traffic study for Prestatyn and Meliden, which will include an analysis of road traffic collisions.

Cllr Evans said that trying to enter the A547 from junctions such as that near the church was "an accident waiting to happen" because the main road was so busy, especially in the mornings and late afternoons.

"It has become extremely dangerous and 250 new houses would bring additional pressure on the infrastructure," he said.

"What must also be remembered is that any development in Prestatyn, which is attracting a lot of people from outside the area at the moment, has a knock-on effect on Meliden because the A547 is the main feeder road to the town and traffic has to pass through the village."

In 2015 an eight-year-old boy suffered serious leg injuries when he was hit by a car when, according to his mother, the pedestrian crossing lights were faulty.

Penrhyn Homes have resubmitted an application for the scheme which was turned down last year by the Welsh Government. Other plans are also in the pipeline which could mean a total of 250 new properties in the village.

Former mayor cllr Gerry Frobisher, of Meliden ward, said: "I highlighted two accidents involving pedestrians over the last Christmas and New Year period. Over the years I have seen other cars on their roofs on this narrow stretch of road and pedestrians hurt.

"When I was mayor in 2003 I came out of the One Stop shop, with my daughter, just as an articulated low loader lorry passed by heading towards Prestatyn. I heard a load crack and the overhead electrical wires came crashing to the ground sparking and twisting like snakes. The arm of a JCB on the low loader had hit one of the wooden telegraph type poles carrying the electric cables and broken it in half. The Journal printed the story. In a split second I was able to bundle my daughter back into the shop in front of me as the live wires bounces and twisted across the pavement behind me just where I was standing.

"I have been reporting the larger accidents and any damage I see to Denbighshire County Council for years.

"I am pleased that the County Council are getting involved in relation to the growing safety concerns. With the proposed development of 130 plus dwellings in Meliden and the possibility of 150 to 200 more cars from this development using the road several time a day, I can only envisage many more vehicle accidents in Meliden."

A spokesperson for Denbighshire County Council said: "We have received a meeting request to discuss concerns about traffic flows and road safety in the village."