The landlord of a popular seaside pub has been given a conditional discharge for failing to allow police to review CCTV footage on the night that an eleven-year-old boy was allegedly struck by his father.

Shaun Ketley, 48, mine host of Sunny's pub at Towyn disputed the evidence of two PCs who had claimed he had been obstructive "and refused to co-operate" on a Sunday night last April.

He said he was enjoying his one night of the week off-duty at the pub and was unable to access CCTV because it was inside a padlocked office with cash inside and, on purpose, he did not carry the keys. Police arrived next morning and were shown the images.

In evidence at Llandudno court on Friday he said a child came running into the pub on the phone to the police "screaming and crying" that he'd been hit, though it did not happen inside there.

Ketley said he'd been landlord for eight years and had a clean record but he agreed he had not made a deputy responsible for showing the CCTV, as his licence demanded. He protested: "I feel I am being victimised, something has happened and they wanted to make an example of me."

Ordering him to pay £320 costs chairwoman Carole Ashton said: "Although the CCTV was shown to the police next day this does not comply with the terms of your licence. We find you did breach the conditions by not making the CCTV available to the police immediately and not having a member of staff on duty who was trained in its use.

"As a licensee for eight years you should have been aware of these conditions. I think you have accepted that and will now be aware."

Magistrates were not told whether there was an arrest for assault.

One of the officers said Ketley had complained about the time it took them to reach the pub and kept repeating "go and get him, go and get him."