A FAMILY of five Newfoundland dogs narrowly avoided serious injury after a tree snapped and crashed into a garden.

Nikki Jones returned to her home, which backs onto Marine Holiday Park in Rhyl, to find a hefty branch embedded in her garden and her dogs were - affectionately named ‘bears’ - left frightened and “freaked out”.

High winds from Storm Ali caused the tree to break. The chunk of tree landed next to the dogs’ house – which has been custom-built – and crushed their paddling pool.

A video that shows how far the trees come over. Picture: Nikki Jones

​Nikki, whose maiden name was Renshaw, feared an incident like this would happen. 

She said during the past two years she has been calling for the holiday park to cut back the trees which hang over her garden. 

The Newfoundlands are called Ava (mum), Chewbacca (dad) and the three babies, aged 19 months, are named Baloo, Titch and Belle.

Nikki said the incident took place at about  10.35am on Wednesday, September 19. 

She said: “The tree could have killed my dogs. Just one minute earlier and it would have landed on three of my dogs. It could have been a very different story.

“When I came home, they ran towards me. They were barking like crazy and were quite frightened. 

“The trees are extremely loud in the wind, so they were bewildered.”

Nikki said the dogs have their own bungalow which she made with her former husband.

“I have been asking Marine Holiday Park since 2016 to cut back their trees. The other houses on my road have children and gardens with slides and trampolines.

"The 'bears' are like my children."

She added: “There are four massive trees at the back.

"It is quite depressing as when it rains, my garden stay dry. They hang over that much.”

After calming and reassuring her dogs, Nikki phoned the holiday park. 

Staff turned up to clear away the branch, but she said they were “unprepared”.

“There was a guy in a small van wearing a suit holding a small handsaw,” Nikki said.

“He had to phone for a pick-up truck.”

Nikki claims she has phoned the holiday park six times since 2016.

“The roots of the trees push up the slabs. It is ridiculous.

“When I told them [the park] that a tree had fallen in my garden, and asked them ‘what are you going to do about it?’ they replied – it was a branch.

“A guy turned up in a suit with a handsaw. He looked in the garden and said ‘ oh Jesus’. To be fair, he came back in 10 minutes.

“This proves though that the trees are unsafe. I keep asking when these trees will be on the work package to cut back.”

Nikki has since been contacted by the holiday park.

They said they will arrange a tree surgeon to visit the property to provide a quote. 

Marine Holiday Park director Wyn Williams said: “It appears there was a branch that fell into the garden. 

“This was picked up by hand and taken away within the hour. Hence no real drama.

“In relation to the trees being cut down totally, this is not ideal at all and something we will not agree too. We have no details of the lady contacting the park.”

“We maintain the trees and have invoices from an external company of tree surgeons to attend to. "

He added: “We like to keep a good relationship with our neighbours and the trees will continue to be maintained in accordance with our maintenance programme.”

“We are sorry to hear the inconvenience caused.”